Project 100 is inspired by “The 100 Things Challenge” book. There are many versions of the 100 things challenge out there; mine is more of a theoretical think-experiment at this point. This page contains the ultimate list of 100 things that add the most meaning or utility to my life and those I cannot live without.

My 100 Things Challenge Rules

  1. This is an ongoing project, so items can be added or removed at any time
  2. This list does not include common household items that I share with my spouse. Nor does it include things that belong to my spouse or our dogs.
  3. This list does not include toiletries (shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, etc), medication and vitamins 
  4.  Some things like socks, underwear, and undershirts can be bundled (i.e., 3 pairs of socks count as 1 item)
  5. This list assumes that I still live in New York City and employed full-time (hence lots of work-related wardrobe items)

My 100 Things List

  1. Sunglasses (I need my aviators!)
  2. Blue jeans
  3. Black jeans
  4. Long sleeve shirt 1
  5. Long sleeve shirt 2
  6. Long sleeve shirt 3
  7. Long sleeve shirt 4
  8. Long sleeve shirt 5
  9. Blue vest
  10. Grey vest
  11. Maroon vest (items 2-11 are part of my winter work uniform; read how I automate decisions on what to wear to work)
  12. Set of warm winter socks (6)
  13. Set of underwear (12)
  14. Grey blazer
  15. Blue blazer
  16. Set of t-shirts (6)
  17. Small backpack
  18. Large travel backpack
  19. Wool sneakers
  20. Black dress shoes
  21. Brown dress shoes
  22. Black khakis
  23. Blue khakis
  24. White sneakers
  25. Gym sneakers
  26. Gym shorts
  27. Set of gym t-shirts (2)
  28. Journal