Taking Index Biological Age Test by Elysium - My Personal Experience

Tue, Jan 5, 2021 2-minute read 386 words

In this post I describe my experience with using Index - a biological age test developed by Elysium.

Recent scientific studies suggest that aging is not necessarily an inevitable natural process, but rather a disease. Just like any other disease, under certain conditions, aging can be treated - slowed down or even reversed. One of my resolutions this year is to start tracking my biological age and my personal rate of aging.

One can measure biological age is by looking at the epigenome - a set of chemical compounds that sit on top of our DNA and “guide” its functions and operations. The epigenome is directly affected by your diet, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, pollutants, stress, social rhyhtm, and other lifestyle and environmental factors. So theoretically, by changing some aspects of my lifestyle, I can slow down the aging process, and increase the gap between my biological and chronological ages.

With several epigenetic tests out there, I went with Index by Elysium Health. I have been taking their Basis supplement for over a year now, and admire the scientific rigor of their research. INdex uses data from nearly 100,000 sites of your genome to construct the methylation profile of your DNA. That profile is used to estimate your biological age.

I ordered Index with my Basis subscription renewal on December 10, and received the kit less than two weeks later:

Index by Elysium biological age test kit

Index is a salive-based test so the kit consists of a single plastic tube. Index protocol requires no eating, drinking, brushing teeth or smoking at least 30 minutes prior to collecting the sample.

Index by Elysium epigenetic test kit

I started by registering the kit on Elysium’s site. You should also write down the kit number just in case. I then had to spit into the tube’s funnel until it was filled up to the marked line (bubbles do not count). Volume-wise it’s actually not much - the actual sample container inside the tube is about half-inch high. Once the line was reached, I snap closed the tube and that released some sort of preserving liquid into the tube.

Index by Elysium epigenetic test kit

The tube was then placed into the plastic bag and mailed back to Elysium’s lab in the same box, with the mailing label already attached.

According to Elysium Health site, I should hear back from them in about 6 weeks. Stay tuned!