Oura Ring Review: Ordering and Sizing Experience

Wed, Jan 15, 2020 3-minute read 497 words

As of March 2019, I use only one gadget to passively track my sleep and physical activity. Meet Oura - the ring that rules them all, and possibly THE best wearable for minimalists. In this post, I share my ordering experience and tips.

How to Order Oura Ring

Currently, you can order Oura ring only on their website where you choose the style of the ring, and color. The first-time buyers can include free sizing kit. I chose silver Heritage ring. Total cost: $314, including shipping.

Tip 1:if you want to receive your Oura ring faster - order both sizing kit and ring at the same time.

Tip 2: the ring comes with the charger, but if you travel a lot (or work in several locations), order an extra charger.

How to Properly Size Oura Ring

My sizing kit arrived 6 days after I placed my order. It included eight plastic rings, sized from 6 to 13.

Oura Ring Sizing

You will also receive a link to submit your ring size. Take at least 5-6 days trying out the plastic rings from the kit, in as many situations and places as possible!

The plastic replica has 3 rounded bumps inside the ring - they simulate the sensors on the real ring. These bumps must always face the palm side of your hand.

If you cannot take ring off without twisting it, then the size is too small. If it turns on your finger without friction against the skin - the size is too large. Unfortunately, Oura ring does not come in half-sizes at this point.

This is where I personally wore the plastic replica:

  • bed (spend at least 2-3 nights)
  • shower, sauna and steam room (Oura ring is waterproof)
  • gym (try plyometrics, machines and free weights)
  • biking
  • household chores

Tip: take off the ring when using water. If you did get your ring or hands wet - wipe them dry to avoid skin irritation.

Best Fingers to Wear Oura Ring

Technically, you can wear ring on any finger, and on either hand. I personally found wearing it on thumb, pinky and index finger uncomfortable or unsightly. That left me with the middle and ring fingers to choose from.

It is not recommended to wear your Oura ring next to another ring (e.g., wedding ring). I ended up with middle and ring fingers on my right hand as my best options. The size 11 felt comfortable on both fingers. It is ok to switch the fingers if needed.

How Long for Oura Ring to Ship

After you update your order with the size, it may take some time before you actually receive it. According to Oura team, shipping time will depend on the model and color of the ring that you ordered. Oura has been adding more factories to accomodate the demand, and they recently raised 28Mln in investments, so hopefully things will run even more efficiently.

Disclosure: I am currently not an investor in Oura, Oura Product or Oura Services