Life Before and During Quarantine, in Numbers

Sat, May 16, 2020 2-minute read 309 words

This COVID19 situation has brought some changes to my everyday lifestyle: as of March 16, I have been working from home, and my extradomicile activities are limited. So it only makes sense to formally flag this current phase of my life in my daily logs.

Marking Quarantine Phase in Daily Logs

The covid phase marker is created based on date(s):

mutate(covid=factor(covid,levels=c("beforeCOVID","duringCOVID"))) %>%

In charts, the quarantine phase is denoted with the red horizontal line:

ggplot(dailydata, aes(x=dmy, HAP)) +
    geom_line(color="blue", size=0.25, alpha=0.5, linetype=1) +
    ggtitle("Average Daily Happiness") + 
    geom_smooth(color="maroon",linetype="dotted",size=1) +

Daily Happiness before and during Quarantien

Life Before and During Quarantine, in Numbers

It’s been only a month in “duringCOVID” phase, so I don’t have much data. Still, I thought I would look at my big five life metrics before and during this quarantine phase.

To account for social rhythm, I drill down to weekpart/daypart levels:

# this code averages life metrics across weekparts and dayparts before and after quarantine
dpmeansdata<-daypartdata %>% 
    select(daypart,wkpart,covid,Health:Flow) %>% 
    group_by(daypart,wkpart,covid) %>% 

# this code plots the means + 95% CI foreach life metric
    geom_errorbar((aes(ymin=HAP_mean-2*HAP_sd, ymax=HAP_mean+2*HAP_sd)), 
    facet_wrap(~covid,nrow=2) +

My average HEALTH scores seem to be slightly lower during the quarantine on weekdays:

Health before and during COVID19 quarantine

The ENERGY levels stay the same, although weekday mornings seem to be slightly more energetic. I definitely need to look at my sleep data:

Energy levels before and during COVID19 quarantine

I seem to be less stressed in the evenings during quarantine- and perhaps, on weekend mornings:

Stress levels before and during COVID19 quarantine

I seem to be less happy in the evenings on weekends during quarantine:

Stress levels before and during COVID19 quarantine

Finally, during quarantine I tend to be less engaged on weekends in the afternoons and evenings:

Stress levels before and during COVID19 quarantine

Naturally, things may change as quarantine continues and I collect more data.. And of course, once quarantine is over, it would be interesting to see if the things continue to be “normal”, or some kind of “new normal” will emerge. Stay tuned!