Elysium's Index Biological Age Test Review - My Results

Fri, Feb 19, 2021 1-minute read 184 words

In this post, I share and discuss the results of my biological age test, Index by Elysium.

About a month ago I shared my experience with taking Elysium’s Index test. I finally received my results yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised.

According to Index, my actual biological age is 38:

Elysium Index review results

Dividing biological age by chronological age gives me another useful metrics, cumulative rate of aging:

Elysium Index rage of aging

Elysium also shows how my cumulative rate of aging compares to other people in their sample:

Index biological age results compare to other people

My pace of aging is slower than 86% of the population, but some people age at the rate of 0.75 or even lower!

Some biohackers like David Asprey believe that biological age can be reversed, and the rate of aging slowed down. The good news is that some preliminary scientific studies confirm that to a certain degree. The factors like diet, fitness, and exercise seem to have the greatest impact on aging. The lifestyle changes I have been making lately definitely align with the most of those recommendations.

Elysium recommends taking Index test every year, but I plan to take it again in 2023.