Oura ring is the latest addition to my self-tracking kit. I just received it yesterday and will need at least a month to try it out. In the meantime, I thought I would share a quick “ordering and sizing” Oura ring review: how to order it, choose the right size, and how long it takes for Oura ring to ship.

Finally, a Self-Tracking Wearable for Minimalists?

When I first started self-tracking about 10  years ago, the first serious gadget that I used was Bodymedia. I quickly realized that it was great (by design) for tracking physical activity, but not so great for tracking sleep.

So I invested in Zeo band that I would wear on my head overnight. It was great for tracking sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep, REM, and other awesome sleep metrics.

Then I added Tinke. It tracked my HRV, stress levels, respiratory rates, and blood oxygen levels.

Then came the Melon band to track my focus and concentration. And a futuristic-looking T-shirt that was tracking my body temperature and caloric expenditure but also gave me a skin rash (sorry, can’t disclose specifics due to signed NDA).

Tracking, downloading, aggregating and analyzing all that data was becoming more and more difficult. Even worse, as I kept adding the apps and gadgets to my toolkit, some of them were going out of commission. The services were shutting down, the gadgets becoming useless and obsolete. To my knowledge, at this point only Bodymedia is still in business.

Luckily, wearable technology has advanced at an amazing pace in the last 5-6 years. We finally see some gadgets that are not only considerably smaller in size but are also capable of continuously tracking sleep, physical activity and stress at the same time. The two particular devices that I have been following closely are Oura ring and Motiv ring. My final choice fell on the Oura ring, and I will explain my decision in more detail in one of the future posts.

For now, my initial Oura ring review that focuses on ordering and sizing experience.

How to Order Oura Ring

Currently, you can order Oura ring only on the Oura website (unlike Motiv ring which you can order also on Amazon). The process consists of two steps.

You start by choosing the shape of the ring (currently, two shapes availabe: a pointy Balance and a flat-edged Heritage), and color (you have options of silver, black or “stealth”, and Balance also has a pricey silver option with the diamonds). I chose silver Heritage ring. If you are buying Oura ring for the first time, you can also include free sizing kit. The total cost came to $314, including 15 dollars flat shipping rate.

Some people make a mistake and order sizing kit first. If you want to receive your ring faster – order both sizing kit and ring at the same time. That’s because the order in which rings are manufactured and shipped is based on the original order date. Interestingly, submitting your ring size immediately won’t expedite the process. My theory is that the rings are manufactured in batches based on the model and color, in all possible sizes.

How to Properly Size Oura Ring

My sizing kit arrived 6 days after I placed my order, in a small padded envelope via USPS. The kit includes eight plastic rings, sized from 6 to 13:

Shortly after that, you will also receive a link to the page where you can update your order by submitting the ring size.

It is important that you take time trying out the plastic rings from the kit! And by time, I mean at least 2-3 days. When I first tried them on, I thought my size was 10, but after wearing a plastic ring for a couple of days, I decided to switch to size 11. It took me 5 days to find the optimal ring size that felt right.

How to Correctly Wear Oura ring

It is important that you wear your Oura ring correctly. The plastic replica that I received had 3 rounded bumps inside the ring. These bumps simulate the sensors that your real ring uses to read your blood pulse. While trying out the ring, make sure these bumps are always facing the palm side of your hand.

The ring should not feel too tight on your finger: if you cannot take it off without twisting it or lubricating the skin, then the size is too small. If it turns on your finger easily without you feeling the friction against the skin – then the size is too large. Unfortunately, Oura ring does not come in half-sizes at this point.

Best Fingers to Wear Oura Ring

Technically, you can wear Oura ring on any finger, including pinky and thumb, and on either hand. I personally thought wearing it on thumb or pinky uncomfortable and unsightly. I also felt awkward wearing it on the index finger. That left me with the middle and ring fingers to choose from. Since I already wear a wedding ring on my left hand, and it is not recommended to wear your Oura ring next to another ring, I ended up with middle and ring fingers on my right hand as my best options. The size 11 felt comfortable on both fingers. According to Oura team, it is ok to switch the fingers if needed.

Places and Times to Test Oura Ring

It is important to test your Oura ring in as many situations and places as possible. This is where I personally wore the plastic replica:

  • bed (spend at least 2-3 nights)
  • shower (Oura ring is waterproof and suitable for showering, bathing and even swimming)
  • gym (I tried both plyometric workouts and workouts that involve machines and free weights)
  • sauna and steam room

You will notice that your fingers are constantly shrinking or swelling, depending on the situation, location, and environment. I noticed that my fingers swelled after workouts, and in sauna and steam room, and shrank when outside in the cold temperature.

I am also thinking about covering the ring with a piece of bandaid when working out with heavy weights. Wearing the ring did not affect any other everyday activities like typing on the computer, eating, showering, sleeping, etc.

How Long for Oura Ring to Ship

After you update your order with the size, it may take some time before you actually receive it. According to Oura team, shipping time will depend on the model and color of the ring that you ordered. Luckily, my ring was in the latest batch of 62% that was shipped on February 28 so I received it yesterday. Bob of QuantifiedBob also mentioned that Oura just added another factory to accommodate the volumes so the shipping time may improve considerably.

Overall, I am extremely excited to finally receive it. I will be following up with a detailed Oura ring review, including its capabilities, ease of use and other information in a month or so. Stay tuned!

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