Measured Me blog started as a personal experiment in self-tracking and life optimization about 10 years ago.

The initial raison d’etre was to demonstrate empirically that any aspect of my everyday life can be measured and logged on a regular basis, and the knowledge from that data can be used to help me live better. For over 5 years, I was using dozens of mobile and web apps, gadgets and other tools and services to track my life, and shared my experiences in this blog. Here is just a brief list of things that I was measuring and logging, either on a regular basis or just as short-term experiments:

  • body weight
  • body fat
  • flexibility
  • heart rate
  • caloric intake and more than a dozen of other diet-related metrics (weight/size of the portion, number of bites, macronutrients – carbs, fat, protein, food fatigue, satiety, satisfaction with the meal, caffeine intake, water intake, cost of the meal, food sensitivity, and pH levels)
  • the number of steps taken
  • calories burned
  • miles biked
  • duration and quality of sleep (including light, deep and REM sleep)
  • biomarkers (fasting glucose, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides)
  • hair loss
  • mental alertness
  • mental focus
  • emotions and emotional state (positivity, intensity and dominance)
  • physical energy and tiredness
  • flexibility
  • mood and mood swings
  • stress
  • happiness
  • life satisfaction
  • self-esteem
  • personal values and life priorities
  • moon phases
  • weather (temperature, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, sunlight, pollen and quality of air)
  • chaos
  • lifestyle index
  • email usage
  • environmental and situational context
  • willpower and self-restraint
  • finances
  • content of my dreams
  • creativity
  • productivity
  • karma

I also explored different ways to slice, dice and analyze all that data in order to reveal meaningful patterns and actionable insights. And of course, I shared my data with anyone who requested it – and even had a dashboard on this blog to display it.

As the project gained traction, it was also getting more exposure. I joined the local Quantified Self meetup group, presented some of my findings at the Quantified Self conference in San Francisco, gave numerous interviews to media, and even starred in a documentary about Quantified Self movement. I also landed a couple of paid consulting contracts with amazing startups in healthcare and fitness tracking space. While I can’t disclose the details because I signed NDAs, I can say that one of the companies (an app with an interesting twist) was purchased by another company. The other one (wristband with amazing tracking capabilities) had to close down due to some issues with investors.

Then suddenly it all came to a stall.

It was a perfect storm. I got married and at the same time promoted to a senior management position that required me to take over a small but extremely busy data science department. I was also feeling burnout from collecting all that data.

So I took a break and reprioritized my focus. I stopped tracking my everyday life and abandoned this blog.

Fast forward 5 years. I am back and working on reviving this blog and Measured Me project. My vision of the project has changed drastically. Looking back at my old posts and experiments, I see that a lot of them were naive and redundant. Such posts will be deleted. The posts that are informative and reflective of my current vision – will be rewritten and reposted on this blog, complete with the summaries of findings and data, when applicable.

Onward and forward!

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