Measured Me is an ongoing personal experiment in life optimization.


self-quantification and self-optimization. Its ultimate goal is to empirically demonstrate that any aspect of my everyday life can be quantified and logged on a regular basis, and that the knowledge from these numbers can be used to help me live better. To prove that, I personally select and test different gadgets, apps, questionnaires and other tools and services, and then share my experiences in this blog. I also explore different ways to slice, dice and analyze my personal data in order to reveal meaningful patterns and actionable insights. When simply tracking myself is not enough, I conduct self-experiments, by manipulating variables that already exist in my life, or introducing new ones. Ultimately, I would like to identify a small number of factors (e.g., length of sleep, certain ingredients in my diet, certain habits, mental and psychological states, etc.) that have the most influence on my everyday behavior, mind, and psyche. By controlling and manipulating these factors, I then could optimize my life experiences.

The way I currently envision it, Measured Me experiment is comprised of the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Identify the “principal” dimensions of everyday life, and most efficient ways to quantify and track them on a regular basis. These dimensions will comprise the “objective function” (aka utility function).
  • Phase 2: Identify the internal and external factors that influence principal dimensions, and most efficient ways to quantify and track them on a regular basis. These factors will comprise the “lifestyle solution”.
  • Phase 3: Develop a decision support/recommendation system that would optimize the objective function through manipulation of lifestyle internal and external factors.

Measured Me is a personal project, and all reviews and opinions are my own. I try to stay as neutral and unbiased, as possible, so I never write “sponsored” posts or officially endorse products for an incentive. It is also my rule not to accept free or discounted products or services in an exchange for reviews. In my choice of tools, I prefer to stick with the ones that are most affordable and easily available to average consumers. As a user of an iPhone, my app reviews are also limited to iOS platforms based.  So far, I have been paying and will continue paying for all necessary tools out of my pocket. In order to keep Measured Me sustainable, I make money on displaying ads and affiliate links. Every time you download an app or purchase a product from this site, I get a small compensation. This does not add any extra costs to you: you pay exactly the same amount as if you were buying directly from Amazon or iTunes. But by purchasing stuff via Measured Me or Measured You store, you keep this project running. You can also support this project by donating a small amount via Paypal.

Finally, remember: unlike regular science, Quantified Self is about personalization (as opposed to generalization): you use your own data in order to learn about yourself. What works for me, may not necessarily work for you; the only way to find out is to start your own self-tracking projects and self-experiments.  I hope this is where Measured Me can help you, by inspiring and motivating you. Please feel free to comment, share, follow me on Twitter and Facebook. You can also contact me anytime using the form below.