Taking Index Biological Age Test by Elysium - My Personal Experience

In this post I describe my experience with using Index - a biological age test developed by Elysium.

Finding Optimal Bedtime Windows using Oura Data

In this post, I demonstrate how Oura ring data can be used to identify the optimal bed time window that results in a higher quality sleep.

Extracting Emotions from Personal Diary Entries

In this post, I focus on extracting individual emotions from my personal diary entries use NRC module.

Sentiment Analysis of Personal Diary

In this post, I describe sentiment analysis of my diary entries using tidytext and sentimentr packages in R.

Automating Meal Planning (Progress Update)

Some quick update on my progress with building decision support system for meal planning in R.

Oura Sleep Metrics across Lunar Phases

In this post, I crunch my Oura data to see if my sleep differs across moon phases.

Subjective Sleep Score vs Oura Ring Metrics

How does subjective sleep assessment compare to Oura metrics? My recent short tracking experiment can help me to answer this question.

Loading Oura Ring Data in R

In this post, I describe how I access my Oura ring data in R, and what data points I am interested in.