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My Review of Inside Tracker DIY Plan

diet optimization and biohacking using Inside Tracker toolA couple of months ago bioanalytics company Inside Tracker tweeted a nice one-time discount on their services, so I jumped at this opportunity and purchased their DIY plan. The cheapest of all (after discount, I paid $34.30 instead of regular $49), DIY plan allows you to upload your blood test results to receive personalized nutrition, lifestyle and exercise recommendations. I finally got a chance to test drive their services, and will share my personal experiences in this post.

Quantified Diet: Measuring Food Fatigue

tracking food fatigue personal analytics diet analytics nutrition analytics quantified dietIn order to cut down expenses on groceries and make it easier to measure my caloric intake, I have been cooking only one type of hot meal on Sunday and eating it for lunches and dinners all weekdays. Occasionally, I would “diversify” my diet by making a tuna salad for dinner, usually, on the gym days. For instance, last week I ate buckwheat with pepper steak eight times, and tuna salad two times. That way, I know how much calories I consume on any given day (I will share my approach to calculating the caloric intake in the future posts), and I don’t need to buy too many ingredients. I have been on this diet for 5 weeks, but started noticing lately that I am not enjoying my meals anymore, and have been experiencing more occurrences of the acid reflux. I decided to look at the data that I have collected so far to see if it tells me anything.