Three Temporal Patterns That May Affect Your Quantified Self Insights

temporal trends in quantified self dataIn this post, I will discuss three invisible temporal patterns that are likely to be present in your self-tracking data and which, if ignored during analysis, may lead to erroneous conclusions and interpretations. I am talking about trends, social rhythms and intra-day variability.

Quantified Summer Project – Raison D’Etre

quantified summer measured meThe Quantified Summer project has finally come to an end last week, and I am currently working on the report that will summarize and present the findings. The actual data will also be made available for download on this blog, and of course, I will share the most interesting results in the future posts. In the meantime, let me explain briefly what exactly this project was about.

Just Some Fun Stats from My Gmail Meter Report

Just received my July report from Gmail Meter (check out my post about awesome hacks you can do with Gmail data). As you can see, I am not a big fan of long email responses.

Quantifying Situational and Environmental Context

how to measure situations and situational contextIn this post, I would like to share some preliminary findings of my attempts at quantifying and tracking everyday situational and environmental context. Specifically, I will explain how I have been logging everyday situations and environment, and will talk about some interesting patterns that I found in my data.

My Lifestream Dashboard is Now Up!

My Quantified Summer lifestream is now up! I plan to update it every 7-10 days. Check it out here or by clicking MY LIFESTREAM on the main menu of my blog.

Interview with Dr. Rob Miller, Developer of rTracker App

rtracker app interview with developer Measured Me blogA while ago I blogged about my search for the best self-tracking tools (link to part 1; , link to part 2), and one of the apps that came up in the final was rTracker. I have been using it since then, and have become a huge fan. rTracker now is a central tool in my Measured Me experiment – an attempt to capture and express my everyday life numerically. I usually try to stay as neutral and unbiased as possible in my reviews, but in case of rTracker, my engagement has evolved from being an enthusiastic user to becoming a “brand advocate.” I thought it would be great to finally “meet” a genius behind such an amazing app, so a couple of weeks ago I contacted Dr. Robert Miller, founder of Realidata Ltd. and developer of rTracker. He kindly agreed to answer a couple of questions for Measured Me blog.

Measured Me Summer Projects

quantified summerI know, I have not been posting here much lately since I returned from Italy, but that does not mean I have not been busy! Still, I thought I owe my loyal readers at least a quick post on what is currently happening in my life, and a current status of Measured Me experiment and blog.

Quantified Self Magazine on Flipboard

qs_flipboardCheck out awesome Quantified Self magazine on Flipboard created and curated by Alex Melnikov of VisualData (Russia). Over 600 articles on dozens of topics from self-tracking to mobile health to newest gadgets and and apps for self-monitoring and self-experimentation. Contributors are always welcome!


Self-Quantification vs Self-Tracking

self quantification vs self trackingIn this post I would like to briefly discuss differences between self-quantification and self-tracking. These two terms are sometimes confused with one another because they both concern with measurement. To me, however, they are conceptually different, and seeing them used interchangeably kind of bothers me.

My Notes from New York Quantified Self Meetup #21

quantified self meetup nycOn May 30, New York chapter of Quantified Self held its 21st meetup. This time, self-tracking community of NYC was treated to awesome presentations on reducing sleep time, using life logging tools for quantifying health and diabetes, confronting chronic pain and other challenges of life, detecting depression and happiness by analyzing social media activities, and experimenting with ways to track triglycerides.