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A while ago, I made a decision to make some of my personal self-tracking data available to public. On this page, you will find all released data sets along with the corresponding data dictionaries. You are welcome to use my data for non-commercial purposes, provided that you list my blog as a reference. I will also be more than happy to post a link here to any projects (visualization, analysis, etc.) that used my data (just drop me a line).

 October 2012 Data

Dataset  download
Data dictionary  
List of variables tracked: Sleep Quality metrics (Zeo, Bodymedia, Sleep Time, subjective scale), Happiness and Life Satisfaction scores, Reaction Time, N-back and Focus score, subjective scores of Physical, Mental and Emotional Energy, Mood, Charisma, Appearence, Self-Esteem, Confidence, Weather (Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Precipitation, Wind Speed)

September 2012 Data

Dataset  download
Data dictionary  
List of variables tracked: Sleep Quality (Bodymedia, Sleep Time app, subjective scale), Caloric Expenditure, Caloric Intake, Steps Taken, Miles Biked, Happiness, Stress, Mood, subjective measures of Physical and Mental Energy, “Entropy” index, Body Weight, Body Fat Percent, and Flexiscore.

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  1. I’m a science writer and I’m working on a radio piece. I’d like to profile you and set up the piece as a day in the life of a body hacker. I’d like to go into both the technology that you use as well as your motivation to analyze your own data. Please let me know if you would talk to me. Thank you for your time.


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