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Quantifying Impact: Measuring Karma

measuring karma quantifying social impact quantified self personal analyticsOur behavior and actions towards other people, society and world in general, and the “footprints” and “impressions” we leave as a result of these actions are undoubtedly important aspects of our lives, and should be accounted for through self-observation and self-tracking. When I think about individual’s impact on the world, society, and other people, the first thing that comes to mind is karma. In a simplified, westernized version, the concept of karma implies that every deed and action you perform towards others or the world will inevitably bear consequences for you in the future, in form of either a reward or a punishment. You harvest what you sow: the good deeds and behavior are rewarded, and the bad ones lead to negative repercussions. Some Indian religions, especially Sikhism, take it beyond individual behaviors. The positive and negative “charges” of your deed are accumulated over the course of your life in an ultimate tally, and the higher is your karmic “score”, the closer you are to the purity.

A month ago, in an attempt to reflect on my own deeds and actions, I started tracking every deed and action, with the the objective to derive the “karma” score. After a week of observations, I realized that simply keeping tally of “good” and “bad” deeds won’t work. There should be another, more scientifically sound and defensible way to measure karma. 

Finance Hacks: Is Your Rent Too High?

It’s that time of the year again! My lease was up for renewal, and even though monthly rent went up 50 dollars, I decided to sign it. I am still within my set limit of “monthly rent <= 33.33% of monthly paycheck”, and I love this studio apartment a lot, because of the convenient location, beautiful window view of Hudson river, and decent size.  I, however, could not resist temptation to use to look up rents for studios in my area.

Why I am Doing This?

measured me blog quantified self personal analytics personal informatics self experimentation In market research, we often use term “actionable analytics”. This means that you collect data and then analyze it with the intention to use results to solve real life problems. In other words, your analysis should result in some kind of action or decision. Likewise, in my case self-tracking is not about narcissism. It’s about studying myself to be happier, healthier, more efficient, productive and successful. My current self-tracking efforts emphasize certain aspects of my life that I am trying to improve, and in this post I will briefly describe what I am trying to achieve.