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Wrap-Up of My January/February Self-Tracking Projects

january quantified self projectsIf you have not noticed yet, the “modus operandi” for this blog and my self-tracking efforts is a bit different this year. The month of January was spent collecting data, testing apps and services, and blogging about various QS issues, and month of February was dedicated to analyzing collected data, reviewing tools, and sharing insights and recommendations. So I thought it would be helpful if I summarized briefly what I learned during the last two month, in one post.

Hacking Sleep Cycles: My Perfect Bedtime Experiment

sleepyheadOn his Insomnia blog, famous Sleep Doctor Michael Breus describes simple method that you can use to “hack” your sleep cycles and find the optimal time to go to bed.  According to this method, you change your bedtime every 3-4 days in 15-minutes increments, until you can wake up without alarm most of the time.  This January, I put together a little self-experiment, with the objective to test this method, and hopefully, find my perfect bedtime. Between January 7th and February 1st, I was going to bed at 11:00, 11:15, 11:30 and 11:45 (5 consecutive nights for each time slot), and waking up at 7 am every morning. At the same time, I was using Zeo, my rTracker log, and a couple of apps to track my sleep and some other data. While results of my experiment were not exactly perfect, I believe it still helped me to identify my optimal bedtime slot.

A Quick Peek at My Quantified Self Experiments and Projects in January

measured me blog quantified self personal analytics self experimentation personal informatics life optimization self improvement self development blogI am very excited to start this year with some new awesome self-tracking projects and experiments! For now, the major emphasis remains on areas like sleep, fitness, diet, cognition, and psyche, but I will be covering a bit productivity and finance, too. Here is a quick preview of what I am tracking (and working on) this month.

Moon Phases and Quantified Self

quantified self tracking the moon effectsOk, some of you may find this post a bit unorthodox. I was always curious to see if the moon has any effect on my behavior and psychological states. While a traditional researcher inside me still has doubts about this kind of “analytics”, I still went ahead and crunched some numbers, just for fun. Using my September and October data, I analyzed the cyclical patterns and differences in my sleep quality, mood, and stress across four moon phases (new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter).  Interestingly, there were some notable differences in mood and sleep during full moon and new moon phases. 

Comparing Zeo, Bodymedia and Sleep Time App Sleep Metrics

quantified self sleep trackers experimentLast month I looked at my sleep data produced by Bodymedia and Sleep Time app, statistically comparing their sleep quality scores with each other, and with my own subjective sleep assessment. In October and first weeks of November, I replicated experiment, adding another device – Zeo. With over 30 nights of data, I finally was able to look at four different metrics, side by side, to see how comparable and interchangeable they are. The results will surprise you.

Personal Values Experiment, Part 2: Value Priorities, and Their Relationship with Sleep, Stress, Mood, and Happiness

personal values tracking quantified self experimentIn my previous post, I discussed the modern theory of values, and how I applied it to track my personal value priorities. This allowed me to identify my the most and the least important life priorities in general. However, I also found that importance of certain values change depending on location and time of the day. In this post, I will share some additional insights, specifically, relationship of values to some other variables in my everyday life.

Comparing Three Sleep Quality Metrics

quantified self sleep self experiments bodymedia sleep time app sleep trackingIf you downloaded my September data (you can do it here,  absolutely free!), you probably noticed that the research agenda behind data collection that month was focusing primarily on diet, exercising (#fitsperiment!), and sleep. I finally found time to look closer at some of that data, and in this post, will share some interesting results of my sleep data analysis.

The “Happiness Experiment” Report: How NOT to Measure Happiness

quantified self happinessAbout a month ago, inspired by the conversation with one of my readers, I embarked on a personal research project, which I dubbed “Happiness Experiment”. The objective was to design a series of self-experiments to find out what makes me happy. I decided to start last month, with a couple of easy things, like quality of sleep, and stress levels. The experimental design was simple: to measure my sleep, stress and happiness levels daily for a month, and then look at the correlations among them. Only after a couple of weeks into actual experiment I realized that my design had some flaws: I chose the wrong scale to measure happiness.

Quantified Health. Part 3: Measuring Sleep

Thomas Bekker once said: “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”. The quality of sleep is one of the principal indicators of peron’s health, both mental and physical, and I have been tracking it for awhile now, using the following several approaches: subjective assessment scale, Bodymedia tracker, and Sleep Time app.

BodyMedia Hacks: Body Media Metrics and How I Use Them

personal analytics personal informatics tools bodymedia review body media review by measured me blogMy second week of using Body Media tracker is about to end, and by now I am very used to wearing the tracker. I feel comfortable wearing it even with the short sleeves and tank-tops. Who knew that a little gadget on your arm could be such a great conversation starter, at the gym and and on the street! I also had enough time to play with the dashboard and reporting tools, and in today’s post would like to discuss the metrics that I have been collecting on a daily basis, and how I am going to use them.