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Just Some Fun Stats from My Gmail Meter Report

Just received my July report from Gmail Meter (check out my post about awesome hacks you can do with Gmail data). As you can see, I am not a big fan of long email responses.

My Attempt at Tracking Creativity

How to Track CreativityThe pursuit of creativity and self-expression are among the personal values that influence my happiness. Unfortunately, most of the creativity tests that exist today require you to perform certain tasks (e.g., solve a problem, draw something, etc.), involve other people rating your performance, and thus are not suitable for everyday self-tracking. I needed something more simple and more general, so one of my Quantified Self challenges this year was to develop a method to measure and track my creativity on a regular basis. After several unsuccessful tests in January-February, I finally ended up with a 4-question measure that may have a great potential.

My Quantified Self Projects and Self-Experiments in March

measured me experiments in marchThe March is almost over, so I thought it is a good time to tell what kind of things I am have been tracking and what self-experiments I have been conducting this month. As usual, at the end of the month I will export data from my rTracker log , analyze it and will share any interesting insights and findings with you.

A Quick Peek at My Quantified Self Experiments and Projects in January

measured me blog quantified self personal analytics self experimentation personal informatics life optimization self improvement self development blogI am very excited to start this year with some new awesome self-tracking projects and experiments! For now, the major emphasis remains on areas like sleep, fitness, diet, cognition, and psyche, but I will be covering a bit productivity and finance, too. Here is a quick preview of what I am tracking (and working on) this month.

Quantifying Productivity: Dealing with Information Overload in Gmail

personal productivity and quantified self personal analytics tips by measured me blogI recently noticed that even though I have not been using my Gmail a lot lately, my inbox seems to be filled with messages every morning. To take a closer look, I turned to Gmail Meter to analyze my Gmail usage in July. The Gmail meter is a Google app that can be installed in Google Docs (open Spreadsheets, go to Tools -> Script Gallery, search for Gmail Meter app, install it and then run it on the top of the spreadsheet). The report is sent to you by e-mail and includes usage statistics like top senders and recipients, average traffic by dayparts, weekday, and day of the month, average response time and average message length. Most of these information is presented to you in a form of simple easy-to-read charts (click on images to enlarge):