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My Attempt at Tracking Creativity

How to Track CreativityThe pursuit of creativity and self-expression are among the personal values that influence my happiness. Unfortunately, most of the creativity tests that exist today require you to perform certain tasks (e.g., solve a problem, draw something, etc.), involve other people rating your performance, and thus are not suitable for everyday self-tracking. I needed something more simple and more general, so one of my Quantified Self challenges this year was to develop a method to measure and track my creativity on a regular basis. After several unsuccessful tests in January-February, I finally ended up with a 4-question measure that may have a great potential.

My Quantified Self Projects and Self-Experiments in March

measured me experiments in marchThe March is almost over, so I thought it is a good time to tell what kind of things I am have been tracking and what self-experiments I have been conducting this month. As usual, at the end of the month I will export data from my rTracker log , analyze it and will share any interesting insights and findings with you.

Quantified Career: What’s Your Career Score?

personal brand personal analytics personal informatics tools review by measured me blogIt used to be that the right education, years of experience and simply being good at what you are doing were enough to make a career. But just like the market of consumer goods and services, the professional market has been growing bigger and more diverse, and eventually became saturated with smart, ambitious, and skillful people. Now, in order to stand out in the crowd and be remembered by employers, you need to have a strong personal brand: an image, associated with your name that communicates your professional values and personality, strengths and uniquenesses. Just like any consumer brand, your personal brand has an equity: a potential that translates into salary, future promotions and new job offers, trust and reputation, etc. And just like with consumer brands, your personal brand equity can now also be measured and quantified. Meet Career Score !

Quantified Career: Measuring Your Visibility on Linkedin

personal analytics personal brand metrics on linkedinHave you ever wondered how “visible” is your profile on Linkedin? Those “Your profile has been viewed by X people in the past Y day” analytical crumbs that Linkedin disperses to those of us with free membership may be not enough to gauge the “searchability” of your profile. Still, paying for the membership is not really worth it, unless you are a recruiter or in a desperate need for a job. Well, there is a couple of additional metrics that you can “squeeze out” from your profile stats: the “clickthrough” and “conversion” rates. This is how you can calculate them.