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My #fitsperiment Status Update (End of Week 1)

measured me blog fitness and diet abs fat loss self-experiment using BodymediaMy #fitsperiment challenge update:

Current stats (end of week 1):

Body Fat = 12% (Target = 8%)

FlexiScore = 85 (Target = 100)

Days Left = 20

#FITsperiment update, week 0

measured me blog fitness and diet abs fat loss self-experiment using BodymediaMy #fitsperiment challenge update:

Current stats (week 0):

Body Fat = 13% (Target = 8%)

FlexiScore = 80 (Target = 100)

Days Left = 27

Get 15% Off Body Media!

sales bodymedia body media discount code coupon 15% offI have been using BodyMedia tracker for several months now, and I love it so much that I became a “brand advocate” for this tracker. Everytime someone at the gym or on the street spots BodyMedia on my arm and starts asking questions, I patiently answer all their questions and also refer them to my blog.

Currently, BodyMedia offers 15% off regular price for BodyMedia FIT tracker (BodyMedia Core sells regularly for 119 dollars, and BodyMedia Link for 149). Please check out this deal!

Disclosure: I get 3 months of free subscription for each referral.

Why I Chose BodyMedia

review of quantified self tools by measured me blogA couple of readers asked me why I chose BodyMedia for self-tracking, and whether I considered other tracking devices before purchasing BodyMedia. Was it simply that special discount that swayed my decision? The short answer to both questions is yes. I did carefully review other self-tracking devices, and yes, the special offer played an important role in sealing the deal. But trust me, BodyMedia have been on my wishlist for a long time before that. If you would like to know why, keep reading this post.

Quantified Health. Part 3: Measuring Sleep

Thomas Bekker once said: “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”. The quality of sleep is one of the principal indicators of peron’s health, both mental and physical, and I have been tracking it for awhile now, using the following several approaches: subjective assessment scale, Bodymedia tracker, and Sleep Time app.

BodyMedia Hacks: Body Media Metrics and How I Use Them

personal analytics personal informatics tools bodymedia review body media review by measured me blogMy second week of using Body Media tracker is about to end, and by now I am very used to wearing the tracker. I feel comfortable wearing it even with the short sleeves and tank-tops. Who knew that a little gadget on your arm could be such a great conversation starter, at the gym and and on the street! I also had enough time to play with the dashboard and reporting tools, and in today’s post would like to discuss the metrics that I have been collecting on a daily basis, and how I am going to use them.

My BodyMedia Tracker is Here!

bodymedia tracker body media quantified self tracker review by measured me blogA couple of weeks ago I went to BodyMedia website, and they had a special deal: BodyMedia Core tracker + 12 months of data services subscription for only $99 (well, with taxes and shipping the total came to $119). So I immediately jumped at this opportunity, and placed the order. I received it last Friday, and have been testing it since then. The more detailed report on usability of metrics and their validation is coming soon, but in the meantime, I will share some first impressions.