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My Walking Experiment: Comparing Runkeeper and Bodymedia

walking experiment runkeeper vs bodymediaI have been using RunKeeper to keep track of my walks and bike rides for a while now. In addition to distance and pace, RunKeeper offers an estimate of calories burned that is most likely derived based on my weight/age and distance information. Last month I had an idea to compare these estimates with those provided by my Bodymedia tracker, and to do that, I had to conduct an experiment, which lasted for about two weeks. The estimates provided by both trackers turned out to be very close. 

Wrap-Up of My January/February Self-Tracking Projects

january quantified self projectsIf you have not noticed yet, the “modus operandi” for this blog and my self-tracking efforts is a bit different this year. The month of January was spent collecting data, testing apps and services, and blogging about various QS issues, and month of February was dedicated to analyzing collected data, reviewing tools, and sharing insights and recommendations. So I thought it would be helpful if I summarized briefly what I learned during the last two month, in one post.

Gym Hacks: How I Compared Three Fitness Classes Using Self-Tracking Data

quantifiedself fitness gym hacks by measured meThis year I decided to “outsource” my gym workout, and instead of experimenting with various workout routines from fitness magazines and blogs, joined my gym’s “Total Body Conditioning” classes. The classes are completely free and are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 12:30 p.m. and 1:15 pm. Each class is led by a different trainer, and as a result, the routines and pace of the workout considerably vary across the days. For example, on Wednesdays, the focus is more on weights and core training, whereas on Mondays and Fridays it is mostly plyometrics and cardio. Curious to see if classes differ in terms of efficiency, I turned to Bodymedia and my own self-tracking data. Which class burns more calories and brings me closer to my six pack abs? The answer was just a couple of calculations away.

A Quick Peek at My Quantified Self Experiments and Projects in January

measured me blog quantified self personal analytics self experimentation personal informatics life optimization self improvement self development blogI am very excited to start this year with some new awesome self-tracking projects and experiments! For now, the major emphasis remains on areas like sleep, fitness, diet, cognition, and psyche, but I will be covering a bit productivity and finance, too. Here is a quick preview of what I am tracking (and working on) this month.

Comparing Zeo, Bodymedia and Sleep Time App Sleep Metrics

quantified self sleep trackers experimentLast month I looked at my sleep data produced by Bodymedia and Sleep Time app, statistically comparing their sleep quality scores with each other, and with my own subjective sleep assessment. In October and first weeks of November, I replicated experiment, adding another device – Zeo. With over 30 nights of data, I finally was able to look at four different metrics, side by side, to see how comparable and interchangeable they are. The results will surprise you.

Comparing Three Sleep Quality Metrics

quantified self sleep self experiments bodymedia sleep time app sleep trackingIf you downloaded my September data (you can do it here,  absolutely free!), you probably noticed that the research agenda behind data collection that month was focusing primarily on diet, exercising (#fitsperiment!), and sleep. I finally found time to look closer at some of that data, and in this post, will share some interesting results of my sleep data analysis.

My #Fitsperiment Update (End of Week 4)

measured me blog fitness and diet abs fat loss self-experiment using BodymediaMy #fitsperiment challenge update:

Current stats (end of week 4):

Body Fat = 9.5% (Target = 8%)

FlexiScore = 100 (Target = 100)

Days Left = 0

And this concludes my #fitsperiment challenge! About a month ago, I challenged myself to:

My #fitsperiment Status Update (End of Week 3)

measured me blog fitness and diet abs fat loss self-experiment using BodymediaMy #fitsperiment challenge update:

Current stats (end of week 3):

Body Fat = 10.5% (Target = 8%)

FlexiScore = 95 (Target = 100)

Days Left = 7

Personal Analytics 101: Testing Differences in Your Data

analyzing quantified self personal self experimentation dataWhether you are conducting a self-experiment, or tracking some variables in your life simply out of curiosity, eventually you would want to look at the data and examine it for some meaningful patterns. One of the most common research questions is testing differences: you would like to see if a given variable differs with respect to a certain “grouping” aspect, and whether these differences are statistically significant. For instance, you may want to see if you sleep better on the nights after gym workout, or if a certain diet helps you to lose more weight. In this post, I will provide simple step-by-step instructions for conducting difference test that can be easily done in Excel. I promise to keep demonstration basic and as less technical as possible!

My #fitsperiment Status Update (End of Week 2)

measured me blog fitness and diet abs fat loss self-experiment using BodymediaMy #fitsperiment challenge update:

Current stats (end of week 2):

Body Fat = 11% (Target = 8%)

FlexiScore = 90 (Target = 100)

Days Left = 13