Tinke – My First Impressions

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tinke review by measured meI recently purchased Tinké sensor, and have been using it for the past couple of weeks. The full review will be coming later (I still need to accumulate enough data), but so far I LOVE IT! My first impression is: it is extremely easy to use! Just plug the sensor into your mobile phone, launch the app and tap on the screen. It also provides a lot of interesting metrics, which I hope to use in my self-tracking experiments and projects. Here is a quick breakdown.

These are the metrics that I have been collecting so far:

  • heart rate: taking the HR measurements for my morning orthostatic tests (resting and standing heart rates) are now much easier;
  • blood oxygen levels: i am collecting data to see if blood oxygen levels before going to bed can predict if I will snore during the sleep;
  • respiratory rate: may be a useful metrics to measure indirectly and objectively physical energy, but I need to collect more data to test this theory;
  • vita index: as much I do not like proprietary aggregate metrics (e.g., Zeo’s ZQ score), vita index may have some predictive value but I will need more data to run correlations;
  • zen index: this is an HRV-based metrics of stress; my goal is to collect enough data to see how Tinke’s zen index is correlated with my own subjective ratings and Azumio’s stress app readings;

  • I also hope to use Tinke’s metrics in a couple of other interesting projects. I will keep you posted! In the meantime, Tinke team is offering 20% off to anyone who orders it between November 29 and December 2. Just go to this link and then use discount code “tinke20″ when checking out.

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