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quantified summerI know, I have not been posting here much lately since I returned from Italy, but that does not mean I have not been busy! Still, I thought I owe my loyal readers at least a quick post on what is currently happening in my life, and a current status of Measured Me experiment and blog.

Quantified Summer project

The Measured Me experiment is still in its first phase (identification of principal “dimensions” of everyday life and ways to quantify and track them), but I feel that I have already covered most of the aspects of everyday life. So about a month ago, I launched the “Quantified Summer” project; I have been tracking dozens of aspects of my everyday life concurrently on a daily basis. The objective is to demonstrate how life can be captured numerically using just a handful of variables, and how its different aspects are related to each other. Eventually, I plan to present the results of this project at the upcoming QS conference in San Francisco in October, and hopefully, release some results and data in September. In the meantime, you can follow the progress of this experiment on “lifestream dashboard” that will be made available on this blog soon.


I have met some amazing people in the past couple of months. This includes my fellow self-tracker Winslow Strong, a like-minded blogger behind super awesome Biohack Yourself, and Mikko Ikola, co-founder of Quantified Self Finland, with both of whom I had dinner last week here in New York. If you are a fellow self-tracker living in NYC area (or visiting), I am always up for a chat over coffee/drinks, just drop me a line!

Interviews and Guest Posts

So far, Measured Me has been covering QS-sphere from a single (n = me) end-user perspective. While, contrary to popular belief, it is actually not that easy to judge and criticize others, I thought it would be more fair if I offer other players in this field an opportunity to express their opinions and views. So starting this month, I will be hosting a series of interviews and guest posts from developers, investors, and entrepreneurs in Quantified Self area. How difficult was it to built an app for self-tracking? How viable is QS business? Is this a right time to invest in hardware for self-tracking? If you have an interesting story or opinion to share, please get in touch with me.

Happy Summer, everyone!

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  1. Интересно “lifestream dashboard” увидеть.

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