Can Waking Up Mood Predict Your Day Measured MeCan you predict your day based on how you feel immediately upon waking up? In an attempt to replicate Sami Inken’s analysis, I have been rating my mood every morning within 15 minutes of waking up, and then three times throughout the day: in the morning (around 11 a.m.), afternoon (around 5 p.m.), and evening (around 10 p.m.). After about a month of tracking (22 days of data), I looked at the correlations, and the results were rather disappointing.

I will keep this post short: there was no significant correlations between my emotional state upon waking up and my mood/emotions at any other point of the day. I used PAD approach to measure my mood, rating the positivity, intensity and dominance of my emotional state. The positivity (aka valence) is the closest to the conventional concept of mood: it basically reflects, how good you feel. The intensity (aka arousal) measures how “charged” do you feel (e.g., anger and fear are more intense than content). The dominance reflects the controlling nature of the emotion (e.g., fear is submissive emotion, anger is dominant). I used 10-point sliding scale to rate each of the mood dimensions. At the end of the month, I averaged out my mood scores across all dayparts, and looked at the correlations between the waking PAD scores, and average PAD scores for that day, as well as correlations between the waking PAD scores, and PAD scores for each individual daypart (especially the morning). Here is a scatter plot for waking PAD x average daily PAD scores:

Can Waking Mood Predict Your Day

Waking Mood Score vs Average Daily Mood Scores

As you can see, the correlation is non-existent (Spearman’s rho ~0.1, to be exact). And that is perfectly ok. As I wrote before, this is the point of self-quantification and self-experimentation: see what works and what does not work for YOU. My theory is that, perhaps, it is not the mood but my self-esteem and locus of control upon waking up that could predict my state of mind and performance on that day. In fact, I have been tracking these two psychological traits  in March, too (although not immediately after waking up), and will be sharing some observations in the next couple of posts.

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