Quantified Diet: Tracking Your Eating Habits With 80 Bites App

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Diet Tracking 80 Bites App Review by Measured Me BlogOne of the diet-related tools that I tested in January was 80 Bites app. Dubbed as a “pedometer for your mouth”, this simple app let’s you track how many “mouthfuls” (“bites”) of food you take during the day, and how much time, on average, you spend chewing the food between the bites. The premise behind the app is that eighty “bites” a day is usually enough to feel full and satisfied, and limiting your food intake on the long run can help you to shrink your stomach and eat less. I am not sure about the latter, but using this app for several weeks definitely helped me learn to eat my meals more mindfully. I also discovered something new and interesting about my eating habits from the data that I collected.

The app is very simple to use: you just tap the screen every time you take a bite or mouthful of food. The sleek graphing tool lets you track your stats for each meal, as well as daily:

quantified diet 80 bites app review by measured me blog

80 Bites App Review by Measured Me Blog

Unfortunately, you cannot export data, so after each meal, I had to get the stats from the graph and enter them manually into my rTracker log. At the end of the month, I compared average number of bites and “chewing” time across different types of meal. As you can see, I tend to eat my breakfast too fast:

80 Bites App Review by Measured Me Quantified Diet

Just for fun, I also looked at how the number of bites and average chewing time are correlated with weight of the meal, satiety, and gratification (all correlations reported below are statistically significant):

Quantified Diet Correlations between Meals Properties

As expected, there was a strong positive correlation between the weight of the meal, and a number of bites: the heavier was the meal, the more bites I had to take to complete it.  The positive correlations between the number of bites and satiety is also not surprising: the more bites I took, the more “full” I felt after the meal. Interestingly, weight was also negatively correlated with chewing time: it seems that I tend to rush when eating heavier meals. The chewing time was also positively correlated with meal’s “gratification”: it looks like the more delicious was the meal, the more time I was spending chewing it.

In summary, I really like this app, and will continue using it. I hope developers will enable the data exporting feature soon. In the meantime, I will continue logging the number of bites and time in my rTracker log. In March, I will also start tracking my “concentration’: how focused I was on the meal, and whether I was using computer or watching TV while consuming it. The hypothesis I will be testing is that divided attention leads to less mindful eating.

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2 Responses to Quantified Diet: Tracking Your Eating Habits With 80 Bites App

  1. Привет, Константин. В первый раз, как прочитал твою заметку, то немного удивился – жать каждый раз кнопку когда ешь. Но какое же тогда получишь удовольствие от еды? К тому же это не очень удобно, когда кушаешь на работе или в общественных местах.

    Сейчас же подумал, и решил купить 80 Bites app, пойти покушать :)

    Hi, Constantine. The first time I read your note, a little surprised – to press the button each time when you eat. But what if you get the pleasure of eating? Besides, this is not very convenient when eating at work or in public places.

    Now, thought, and decided to buy 80 Bites app, go to eat :)

  2. Measured Me says:

    Если денег не жалко, купи. Я раньше как волк заглатывал пищу, а теперь жую как козел каждую травинку :) пока эффекта на здоровье не заметил..

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