personal values tracking quantified self experimentIn my previous post, I discussed the modern theory of values, and how I applied it to track my personal value priorities. This allowed me to identify my the most and the least important life priorities in general. However, I also found that importance of certain values change depending on location and time of the day. In this post, I will share some additional insights, specifically, relationship of values to some other variables in my everyday life.

Naturally, the first thing I looked at was how the quality of my sleep affected my personal values in the morning. I used subjective quality of sleep, and also estimates of time slept obtained from Bodymedia and Sleep Time app, which I correlated with my value priorities in the morning. Interestingly, there were only two values that had statistically significant association with the sleep, and that relationship held for both metrics of sleep quality:

tracking personal values quantified self self-experiment

I am not sure how to explain these negative correlations. Why does getting less sleep leads to being more concerned about career and friendships? Or, perhaps, the opposite is true: getting more sleep leads to caring less about work and friends? Go figure!

I then calculated average daily value priorities,  mood, happiness and stress ratings, and looked at the correlations among them. Surprisingly, there was no statistically significant association between the mood, stress and value priorities. However, I found significant relationship between the values and average daily happiness:

quantified self happiness and values self tracking self experiment

It seems like on the days when I was especially concerned about money, pleasure/relaxation, and independence, I also felt less happy. On the other hand, on the days I craved creativity and self-expression, my happiness level was significantly higher. It seems like these values are the most important drivers of my happiness!

In summary, it looks like it is worth looking deeper into my personal values as one of the factors that affect my life quality.  With that in mind, I will be replicating values experiment in December and January. This time, I will be rating my personal values on two dimensions: importance and current satisfaction, similar to what GrowHQ does in their assessment. I will keep you posted!

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