measured me blog fitness and diet abs fat loss self-experiment using BodymediaMy #fitsperiment challenge update:

Current stats (end of week 4):

Body Fat = 9.5% (Target = 8%)

FlexiScore = 100 (Target = 100)

Days Left = 0

And this concludes my #fitsperiment challenge! About a month ago, I challenged myself to:

  1.  lose 5% of bodyfat
  2. increase Flexiscore from 80 to 100.

While I failed to achieve the first goal (I managed to burn only 3.5% of body fat), I succeeded in accomplishing the second (I considerably improved my lower body flexibility). While the final results are somewhat disappointing, I learned some valuable facts while completing this challenge:

  1. The skinfold caliper is reliable and convenient tool for measuring and tracking body fat percentage on a daily basis
  2. I can lose body fat by maintaining consistently negative calorie balance for a period of time.
  3. The Bodymedia is reliable and convenient tool for measuring and tracking calorie loss on a daily basis
  4. The food weighing and diet logging are reliable but not really convenient way to measure and track calorie intake on a daily basis. I think I can improve the system by limiting my weekly diet to only 10-15 ingredients, 3 hot meals and 2 varieties of snacks. This would make the diet quantification and logging process much easier. It would also help to develop an interactive standalone calculator instead of using Google Spreadsheets.
  5. The Flexiscore mat is reliable and convenient way to measure and track body flexibility.
I definitely plan to replicate this experiment later this winter. While tracking calorie expenditure is easy(thanks to Bodymedia), tracking calorie intake on a daily basis remains a challenge. Hopefully, I will be able to develop a new tool by this winter. I will keep you posted!
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