Imagining the Future

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imagining futuristic quantified quantified self gadgets for self-tracking and personal informaticsThis Saturday over the dinner, my partner and I had a conversation about the future of personalization technology, and particularly, passive monitoring devices. We let our imagination run wild, and in the midst of other things, ended up with idea that takes the concept of earbuds that measure your heart rate and pressure a bit further than it has been taken so far (at least to our knowledge).

What, we imagined, if you link the HR and temperature readings from the earbuds to the current music that person is listening to? Imagine the app that runs in background, constantly relating indicators of your current physiological state to the music currently playing on your phone, crunching the numbers and providing you with useful insights. Feel stressed? Your previous data indicates that listening to Mozart can help! About to start your workout? DId you know that you burn more calories if you listen to reggae music? Trying to fall asleep on the plane? Put on something by “Libera” or other bands in the “contemporary choral music” genre. Just imagine the possibilities!

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2 Responses to Imagining the Future

  1. Yes, it’s a great idea! A couple of years ago, or similar publication Wired wrote about the patent Apple with headphones. These headphones supposed to build heart rate sensor. And when the iPhone 5 coming out in the shower, I was hoping for these headphones.

    Да, это отличная идея! Пару лет назад Wired или подобное издание писали о патенте Apple с наушниками. В этих наушников предполагалось встроить датчик частоты сердцебиения. И когда выходил ифоне 5 я в душе надеялся на такие наушники.

  2. Deepa says:

    I think the idea of the Polar HRM that synchs with other tnehcology is great, but having owned the no-frills wear link I think the Garmin is better. The Garmin strap is also washable and I found the slimmer profile of the Garmin link and band more comfortable. Think about wearing the strap right under the heavy elastic of your sports bra – that is where mine hits. I appreciate the easy tech of the Garmin as well (compare the streamlined foot pod to the monstrous one Polar makes).

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