#FITsperiment update, week 0

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measured me blog fitness and diet abs fat loss self-experiment using BodymediaMy #fitsperiment challenge update:

Current stats (week 0):

Body Fat = 13% (Target = 8%)

FlexiScore = 80 (Target = 100)

Days Left = 27

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2 Responses to #FITsperiment update, week 0

  1. Richard says:

    thanks for your blog I see loads of good ideas here! I’m trinyg to figure out a simple tool to help people know when they say yes or no to a new work request by quantifying current commitments (tasks) and checking for available time remaing by X date. My hypothesis is that most people make an intuitive estimate and commitment when they never really know how many hours they have free to take on new work. Have you seen anything that aids this decision making? ( wanted to ask since you site several cool tools and processes). Thanks again! Cool blog!

  2. fitday uk says:

    Subscribed for your weblog, thanks for the inspiration!

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