Quantified Body: Measuring Flexibility

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quantified self yoga fitness tracking tools flexiscore mat review by measured meEarlier this year I took a couple of yoga classes via Groupon deal. While I loved most of the exercises, some stretching poses like bending forward were extremely painful. I realized that I have lost flexibility: even simple tasks like touching my toes seems are not easy anymore. Tired of being stiff like a stick, I recently added some stretching exercises to my morning routine. But how can I measure and track my progress?

After conducting some research online, I stumbled upon Flexiscore and their Flexibility Tracker Mat , a simple yet genial device to measure flexibility of your lower back and hamstring flexibility. Curious to try it out, I ordered the mat last week, and it finally arrived yesterday afternoon. The measurement procedure itself, a modified version of the standard sit and reach test, took only three simple steps. In two minutes, I knew that my joint and muscle flexibility score is 80 flexipoints, which, according to their classification, places me into the “Amateur” category. Luckily for me, I am way above the “Stiff” category (60 flexipoints), but still a long-long stretch away from the average “Optimum” level (100 flexipoints). But, hey, maybe with some dedication and commitment, one day i will reach the Pro Level (140 flexipoints) and become the King of Flex!

And what is your Flexiscore?

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2 Responses to Quantified Body: Measuring Flexibility

  1. borntobeathlete says:

    I have been using Flexiscore mat for several months now, and completely agree with you, it is an awesome tool. Some folks may not like it because it is “low-tech”, but if you are into yoga or simply want to keep your joints flexible, this mat is for you.

  2. N. Estrada says:


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