quantified self sociometric toolsIf you are a big Facebook fan, like me, you will love this Facebook Analytics tool from Wolfram Alpha (kudos to Ernesto Ramirez for heads up!). Go to search engine www.wolframalpha.com and type in “facebook report” into search box. The results are mix of stats and graphs summarizing your posting activities (both yours and various apps that have access to your FB page), posted content, and your network. The graphs and tables can be easily “clipped” and shared with friends or saved on your computer. Here are some interesting insights that I got from my report:

A summary of daily posting activities:

personal analytics quantified self Facebook tool

personal analytics sociometric tool from Wolfram Alpha

Average post statistics:

facebook quantified self analytics tool from Wolfram Alpha

Average stats for web apps posting activities (wow, too many apps have access to my FB wall !!)

wolfram alpha web apps activities on facebook

And, of course, geodemographic and sociometric statistics for my network members:

wolfram alpha quantified self facebook friends demographics sociometric tool

wolfram alpha facebook analytics geography chart

wolfram alpha analytics social network chart

If you have not checked this awesome tool, do it now, you won’t be disappointed!

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