Quantified Health: Beam Brush, the First Smart Toothbrush

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quantified self fitness and health tools review by measured meAre you still working on the healthy habit of brushing your teeth every day? Do you want to track how frequently and how thoroughly you brush? Then check out Beam Brush – the first app connected toothbrush.

Do you have trouble keeping a track of how frequently and how thoroughly do you brush your teeth? Still working on this healthy habit? Then support this awesome independent project: Beam Brush. It is the first smart toothbrush that monitors your oral hygiene habits and report them via smartphone app. The brush contains sensors that track the brushing length and frequency and transmits data to your phone ( Android and iOS phones supported!) via Bluetooth. The gadget is still under development, and you can contribute to this project on Indiegogo.

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  1. Is it just me or are the devices around us are getting smarter? This may not be viable as the price will deter buyers.

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