Notes from NY Quantified Self Meetup (#17)

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quantified self meetup personal analytics meetup notesThis Tuesday, I went to my third NY Quantified-Self meetup, and as always, was impressed and overwhelmed. This time, event was hosted by NYU ITP, and had in attendance over 130 self-trackers, life-loggers, life hackers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and journalists, people aspiring to start their own self-tracking projects and those simply curious about ever growing QS movement. The program consisted of social networking, “Demo Hour” session, and the “Show & Tell” presentations.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to check out all the sessions of the “demo hour”, but found the demonstration of StudyCure especially impressive. This young startup from New York, currently in private beta, takes on a challenge to provide self-experimenters and self-trackers with the tools for collecting and analyzing experimental data. The data is collected via text messages and e-mail, and you can participate in your own experiment alone, or invite your friends to join you. The data is analyzed using statistical methods commonly employed by professional researchers (including time-series analysis for tracking, benchmarking and analyzing AB/ABA experiments, and correlations, for identifying the strength of the relationship betwen two or more variables), and are summarized via elegant visualization. I also love the fact that the StudyCure experiments are not limited to only physical, mental or spiritual health: using their tools, you can potentially search for a “cure” to improve your diet, productivity, relationships, financial situation, etc. I really love both the idea and implementation, and look forward to using StudyCure myself in the future!

Among the “Show & Tell” presentations there were two talks that I personally found especially interesting and inspiring. In the first talk, “Autobiography Through Quantification” Christian Monterroza demonstrated how in our mundane lives, recording just time and location are often enough to capture the context of everyday situation (e.g, 1 pm @ cafe = lunch). This presentation actually revived my interest in using Foursquare and location-tracking. In the second presentation, “Spaced Repetition: A Cognitive QS Method for Knowledge Acquisition”, the Jeopardy! finalist Roger Craig (@rogcraig) shared his experience of using Anki method and tools to prepare for the games. Move a bit, Rosetta Stone, I am adding Anki app to my Spanish learning inventory this month! Other interesting presentations included taking self-portraits every day (@sharlasava) and building the universal pulse-sensor for mobile phones (@safe_for_robots). The video recordings of all presentations should be available soon on the Quantified Self website .

In between, as always, I got to mingle and meet interesting people. Special shout out to Derek Flanzraich, founder of awesome The Greatist (follow his personal inspiring #absperiment here), Gina Neff (@ginasue), health innovation scholar who is fascinated with the QS movement, and aspiring self-trackers Dan and Kevin .

Finally, I would like to thank Steven Dean (@sgdean) Ben Ahrens (@benahrens) and Brian Gallegos for organizing another successful meetup!

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2 Responses to Notes from NY Quantified Self Meetup (#17)

  1. Florence says:

    I’m an editor at Programmer Magazine of China, I live in Beijing, this year I read some arelicts about QS and really interested in this field, if there’s a QS meeting in Beijing, I’d like to attend. If there’s any thing I can help, please let me know.

  2. Measured Me says:

    hi Florence,

    Check out and also join Quantified Self group on Facebook, they often post update there on meetups in different cities around the world.

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