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measured me blog quantified self personal analytics self experimentation personal informatics life optimization self improvement self development blogHello, and welcome to my blog! I work in applied market research, and my everyday work includes designing studies to measure behaviors and attitudes, and crunching numbers to search for meaningful relationships in the data. This quantitative thinking often transcends the work environment and I inevitably find myself applying the same analytical methods in an attempt to detect and describe patterns in my everyday life. This blog is an informal way to document my personal experiences using self-tracking and personal analytics to improve my life, better understand myself, and measure my impact on the world.

In other words, it’s about numbers, tables, formulas, and pretty charts applied to diet, fitness, health, habits modification, personal finance, self-improvement, personal branding, and so on. Occasionally, I also like posting here my personal musings on self-tracking theory and practice, as well as links to interesting sources and facts.

So, if you are, like me, love using the numbers and personal data to learn more about yourself, stick around! Read, comment, share. I am always open for new research suggestions and collaboration. Guest bloggers and people who would like to share their own stories and reviews are always welcome! You can also follow me on Twitter @measuredme .

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  1. LENNY says:

    This is a great BLOG…very informative , Keep on tracking !!!!

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