BLIPLE: The App that Makes Reflex Tests Fun

blipple app reviewThere have been many studies since the emergence of mobile phones that have aimed to show the extents to which using our phones can distract the brain, as well as how they can be detrimental to the cognitive development of children, but just as there are these studies, there are also many developers who have aimed to turn mobile phones into tools that we can use to train our brains.

Quantifying Thermal Comfort of Your Clothes

quantified self tracking clothes insulation metricsDid you know that there is a standard measurement unit called “clo” that is used to quantify the thermal comfort/insulation of the clothing? Its values ranges from 0 (naked person) to 1 (insulating value of clothing needed to maintain a person in comfort sitting at rest in a room at 21 ℃, or 70 ℉). This interesting article provides a simple calculator that you can use to get the total clo-score for your clothes. You can get a more specific breakdown for various items here.

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measured me blog quantified self product reviews and experimentsAs you may have already noticed, I have not been posting much lately. No worries, Measured Me project is still live and kicking; I continue updating my Lifestream dashboard every week, and have been testing some new awesome Quantified Self tools like Nick Felton’s Reporter app and Zeo’s offspring sleep tracking device Beddit. I only wish I had time to sit down and put my thoughts and observations together. I am currently working on some large projects at my full-time job, and this takes most of my time. So at this point, I decided to take a hiatus from blogging for a couple of months. For the same reason, I won’t be able to attend this year’s awesome Quantified Self conference in Amsterdam, and will stick to only local QS meetups.

Still, please feel free to drop me a message or comment on this blog, and I will try to respond in due course. Happy tracking!

Testing the Finger Tap Test

testing finger tap test cns tap test by measured meFor the past several months I have been testing the CNS Tap Test, a mobile phone adaptation of the Finger Tap test often used by neuropsychologists and fitness professionals to measure the status of the central nervous system. The objective of this measurement experiment was to see if I could use this app to measure more objectively my physical and psychological health (I currently use subjective scales). The results were interesting but not sufficiently conclusive to include this test in my self-tracking inventory.

Tinke – My First Impressions

tinke review by measured meI recently purchased Tinké sensor, and have been using it for the past couple of weeks. The full review will be coming later (I still need to accumulate enough data), but so far I LOVE IT! My first impression is: it is extremely easy to use! Just plug the sensor into your mobile phone, launch the app and tap on the screen. It also provides a lot of interesting metrics, which I hope to use in my self-tracking experiments and projects. Here is a quick breakdown.

My Case Against Longevity Research: Some Thoughts

longevityI have noticed that a lot of Quantified Self folks and biohackers are interested in longevity research. Personally, I never could understand their fascination with extended life. While I am not completely AGAINST the studies in this area, I regard the whole concept more cautiously and with much less enthusiasm. Lately I have been jotting down some thoughts on this topic, and would like to share them in today’s post. Please note that these are just half-baked thoughts, and I am yet to write a full post (hopefully, sometime in the future).

My Notes from the 2013 Quantified Self Conference in San Francisco

quantified self conference san franciscoAs you may already know, a couple of weeks ago I attended the 2013 Quantified Self Conference in San Francisco. This was my very first QS conference, and even after two weeks I still feel overwhelmed. The program was full of amazing and inspiring presentations, engaging and thought-provoking “break out” sessions, and demo sessions for cutting edge QS products and services. I also got to meet a lot of interesting like-minded people, including some “movers and shakers” of the QS space and A LOT of readers of Measured Me blog. In today’s post, I will would like to offer a recap of some of the things that I found especially interesting.

My Talk at the 2013 Quantified Self Conference

my QS conference presentation picAs promised, posting today the slides of my “100 Days of Summer” talk that I presented at the 2013 Quantified Self conference in San Francisco last Thursday (October 10). In this presentation, I shared most important and interesting results of the first phase of Measured Me project.

My Notes from Quantified Self NYC Meetup #23

quantified self nyc meetup notesOn Monday, September 30, Quantified NYC group has held its 23th meetup. The event was graciously hosted by Projective Space which offers collaborative community space to over 60 startups. With over a hundred people in attendance, interesting demos and inspiring presentations (quantifying Starcraft gaming skills, predicting choice of clothes based on weather forecast, and other self-quantified awesomeness!), it turned out to be a great evening. Here is my brief report on what I saw and loved:

Talking 20: After Lots of Talking, Not So Much To Tell

talking 20 blood test reviewTalking 20 is a young biotechnology start-up in California that aims at making low-cost, at home blood tests that could be used to track twenty essential amino acids (hence the name). In October 2012, I responded to their call for support on Twitter and purchased “T20 Starter Pack” home kit for ten dollars. I paid 12 dollars (2 dollars to cover shipping), and a couple of weeks later received the kit, which I mailed back to them in December. After waiting patiently for ten months, I can finally share with you what I learned from my blood test. Drumroll, please…